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1964    Born in Pusan

1990    BFA. in Photography, Chungang University

1992    MFA. School of Visual Arts

1993    Studied in I.C.P.

Solo    Exhibitions

1989    Self Portrait, Hanilkwan, Seoul

1992    A Threshold Between Doors, 137 Wooster Gallery, New York

1995    My Room, Noon, Seoul

Group Exhibitions

1991    Horizon of Korean Photography 1, Total Museum Changhung

1992    Horizon of Korean Photography 2, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul

             Art and Photo, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

1993    From the Earth, World Nasse Gallery, New York

             Thrbulent Nudes, Puchong Gallery, New York

1995    Sak, Sonje Museum, Seoul

1996    Dong-ah Gallery Exhibition

1996    Photography - New Vision, National Museum of Contemporary Art, KOREA

2011    Bamboo series, ILD, Seoul

2017    Greennet Palace in korea, Anna Gallery, Daegu

2018    Frames after Frames : Modern Photography Movement of Korea from 1988 to 1999,

             Daegu art museum, Daegu

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